How to keep sales calls from misleading customers

Many people are getting blasted with scam phone calls from charlatans counterfeiting to be representing Amazon, Google, Social Security or their bank. 

However, even propers calls from an organization searching to sell a product or financial advice can make you suspicious or uncomfortable. 

Organizations wishing to dodge such a circumstance now have an Israeli technology to keep their sales staff from deviating into illegal territory, in real time. 

sealed.ai offers an exclusive sales engagement platform that analyzes and transcribes sales calls as they occur. 

The artificial intelligence alerts and recognizes sales reps and their executives to possible regulation crimes, mistrustful speech or potential cons in time to catch them in the bud. 

The technology that catches the call is going in the wrong direction if, for example, the sales executives use the word “investment advice” rather than “alleged investment advice”.

“All these organizations that sell something are very cultured in the market, but the customers are not and can be employed. 

There’s tons of technology to make sales executives more energetic at sales, but our tools are insulating their customers.”

Supports 60 languages

The sales rep sees the concurrent evidence on her or his dashboard. If a problem is occured, a card pops up directing the sales executive what to say to dodge a contravention. 

Sealed.ai supports more than 60 languages with the assistance of off-the-shelf documentation services. 

If a sales call is being attended in Spanish, for instance, but the company’s conformity manager speaks German, any idiom that the patented sealed algorithm sag as cautious is translated into German. 

The fully cloud-based systems can be equipped in a matter of days and associated privately to the customer’s existing whether landlines, telephone services, mobile or web calling services. 

For the latter, Sealed offers Android and IOS apps. 

Financial services organizations still use phone calls rather than texting to collaborate with customers. 

“There’s a huge channel of collaboration that is not being evaluated and this is what we offer. 

We look at the calls to make sure you are culpable with your sales, that you don’t promise what you can’t give, and that you observe with regulations.”

Eventually, Sealed.ai hopes to offer some type of seal of confirmation from regulatory agencies. 

It may also be feasible to offer a product for end users – that is, the customer at the other end of the communication. 

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