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In future, we will have artificial intelligence bosses. 

What most of us do not get, though, is that artificial intelligence is already popular in the hiring process. 

This is not the keyword searches in our resumes or an automatic process to administer hundreds of candidates. 

Industries now clout artificial intelligence to help with the interview and recruitment process, and some artificial intelligence systems are even comforting with background checks to review people’s digital personality. 

That’s why we’ll be taking a leap into some of the artificial intelligence tools that HR hiring teams are using and how they’re using them. 

Because, if you are seeking a job, you’ll have to persuade a machine that you are a worthy applicant… to be treated as part of the recruitment pool.   

Would you like to play a game ?              

OMM ( O’Melveny & Myers ) law firm took a new approach for hiring.

Collaborating with Pyemetrics, law students now register to play a set of games rather than just handover a resume to a job opening. 

Oh, there is a grab. The game is governed by an artificial intelligence system. 

Snyder has skilled law for over three decagon and has consulted thousands of law students. 

For most recruiting managers, the two key focus elements are qualification and fit with the corporate culture and team. 

To analyze qualifications, organizations can run mock scenarios, interview, and so forth to certify a job applicant’s efficiency. 

However, how do you know if someone has the ability to accomplish in the environment, especially when most people don’t behave like their actual selves during an interview? Enter artificial intelligence.

Many companies are knocking into the neuro linguistic capabilities and psychographic profiling of artificial intelligence to determine if a person would combine well the company and team culture. 

So much so, that some of these companies have altered their hiring process to find out the fit first before even reading at resumes. 

At OMM, using artificial intelligence gives the firm a detached data point to see if a person would not just endure but rather bloom at the firm.

The Future

While we may not have an artificial intelligence boss…. yet, artificial intelligence is already playing a major role in the hiring and recruitment process. 

There are many startup organizations looking to drive the digitally transformed talent management. 

One organization is even working on an artificial intelligence agent to assure high performing workers not to leave an organization for a job elsewhere. 

We may even clarify some of our inclusion challenges and biggest diversity, at all levels of a company, with the help of an artificial intelligence HR representative. 

The future is looking blazing for talent management powered by artificial intelligence. 

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