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To be a reliable provider of quality skills for skill seekers – creating empowered future citizens, and be recognized as a leader in livelihood & employment enhancing skill programs


Sustained, systematic, and structured skill training to 100,000 people in 10 years

Skill Development Training for employment & livelihoods is one of the major areas of focus of the Government of India. The government has launched ambitious plans to provide skill development in various sectors targeting to train Five Hundred Million people by the year 2022. This need to train so many people has been brought about by the following factors.

Demographic dividend – India will have the youngest population in the world till the year 2025 where 70% of the population is less than the age of thirty five (35).
The increasing demands for skilled manpower both domestic and international as many countries find themselves within an ageing work force.
The second crop of citizens in many countries will not be employable age in time to replace existing work force thus having to depend on young nations like India for skilled personnel.
While India has surfeit manpower and vast employment opportunities, majority of people lack employability skills.
The Skill infrastructure of India currently produces only three percent of the average annual requirement of skilled manpower.
The inability of the conventional academic infrastructure of the nation to produce the required numbers of skilled personnel and in the required quality. Skill development has become the alternate route to providing industry with skilled employees in a short span of time and bridge the skill gap placed.

Ace Skill Development Private Limited was incorporated in Chennai on July 2, 2013, with the purpose of imparting focused, process-oriented, industry specific training programs for gainful employment and career growth. The main offerings of the company are relevant skill development programs that are constantly attuned to the needs of the respective industries. literacy to facilitate society with the skills to enhance technology would be our vital mission.

Ace offers industry-focused specialized training programs to enhance the employability skills of the working professionals/ employees to improve their efficiency & confidence at the workplace. Willingness to be a part of Digital literacy to facilitate the society with the skills to enhance the technology, would be our vital mission.


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