Artificial intelligence can now learn to influence human behavior:

Scientists from Australia come up with a standardized method of finding and manipulate accountability in the ways people make choices using Artificial Intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence is the study of learning more about how to work with humans. It can also get to identify accountability in human habits behavior and use them to influence human decision making.

Artificial Intelligence is reconstructing every appearance of the way we work and live. Artificial Intelligence is working on various forms of office administration, vaccine development and environment management. Artificial Intelligence does not acquire human-like emotions and intelligence, its proficiency is powerful and briskly progressing.

How AI can learn to influence human behaviour : 

The data and digital arm of Australia’s national science agency, come up with a standardized method of finding and handling accountability in the ways people make decisions, using an Artificial Intelligence system called a recurrent neural network and deep reinforcement learning. 

Their models are tested with three experiments in which human participants played games against computers.

First Experiment : 

  • The 1st experiment is participants clicking on blue or red coloured boxes to win fake currency. 
  • The participants are guided towards a specific choice with Artificial Intelligence learning. 
  • 70% of the time Artificial Intelligence succeeds in this.

Second Experiment : 

  • The 2nd experiment, participants have to watch the screen and press a button when they are shown a particular symbol for example orange triangle and not to press it when they are shown  another for example blue circle. 
  • Here, the sequence of symbols arranged by Artificial intelligence and this made the participants to make more mistakes, and AI almost achieved an increase of 25%.

Third Experiment : 

  • The 3rd experiment had several rounds in which Artificial Intelligence is getting money from participants.
  •  Then Artificial Intelligence should return an amount of money to the participant and then they can decide how much to invest on the next round. 
  • This game has been played in two different modes : Artificial Intelligence was out to maximise how much amount it ended up with , and in the other the Artificial intelligence aimed for distributing money between itself and participants. 
  • In each mode Artificial Intelligence was highly successful. 

In the above experiments, Machine learned how to identify and target human’s accountability in decision making. By the end of the experiments, Machine learned to drive participants towards accurate actions.

What does the research mean for the future of AI ?

These conclusions are still truly hypothetical and involve limited and impractical situations. Many more research is needed to complete how this approach can be put into action and used to benefit society.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used to identify people’s accountability in certain situations and help them to run away from poor decisions.

What is next?

Artificial Intelligence can be used as good or bad like any other technology. Proper governance is essential to protect it in a responsible way. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are always very hungry for data, It is essential to protect that we have adequate systems in place for data access and governance. 

While gathering data, privacy protection is crucial. Institutions developing Artificial Intelligence need to know what these technologies will do and will not do,and be conscious of hidden risk as well as benefits.

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