What is Artificial Intelligence? How Does AI Work?

What is Artificial Intelligence? How Does AI Work?

Artificial Intelligence is likewise man’s extraordinary invention after all the discovery of fire. Artificial Intelligence is a technology capacity that will one day make man lavish. Most of the major companies have enveloped that Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important discoveries. 

The companies in the US for example Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and adobe have invested Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques from beginning to end in their operations.

In China also some big companies are combinedly working with the government as a solitary and essentially siloed Artificial Intelligence resource.

There are three types of Artificial Intelligence, 

1) Narrow Artificial Intelligence : It is a specific type of AI technology that defeat humans in some very barely defined tasks. 

2) Artificial General Intelligence : It is a contingent ability of an intelligent agent to learn or understand any psychological task that a human being can.

3) Artificial Super Intelligence : This is referring to the time when the the efficiency of computers surpasses humans. 

Neural Nets : 

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) or Neural Nets are Non-linear statistical data modelling tools to know the true nature of a relationship between output and input. 

ANN is based on the hypothesis that working of the human brain by making the right connections, can be duplicated using silicon and wires.

Here the neurons are the nodes and the connections are represented by edges with weights. This connected node or unit is called artificial neurons. 

By using some algorithms they can recognize hidden patterns and correlations in cluster, raw data. 

They can be used as autopilot aircrafts and aircraft fault detection in aerospace industry, automobile guidance systems in automobile industry, code sequence predictions in electronics, real estate appraisal and loan advisor in financial, target tracking and face detection in military and in many more fields. 

The training of neural networks can be classified into three types :

1) Supervised training 

2) Unsupervised training

3) Reinforcement training

Artificial Intelligence can be broken down into three major areas :

1) Artificial Intelligence :

Mirroring of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and work like humans and imitate their actions. 

2) Machine Learning :

Machine learning (ML) is the study of computer based algorithms used to predict the models by training and testing the data. It is seen as a part of artificial intelligence. Machine learning algorithms use the ”training data” to make a model in order to make predictions or decisions.

3) Deep Learning : 

It is a branch of Machine Learning completely based on artificial neural networks, as the neural network will copy the human brain so deep learning is also a kind of a copy of the human brain.

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