Deep Learning and Machine Learning: How To Get Started, Future Scope and Job Opportunities

Deep learning and Machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence) are now major fuzzwords when it comes to the career fields of the future. 

Here’s how you can study these, and the job opportunities and future scope in these outlets. 

What are Deep learning and Machine learning? 

The concept of AI (artificial intelligence) in other words, the idea that a machine can think and learn for itself has been around since the middle of last century. 

The term was molded by a group of American scientists John McCarthy, Allen Newell, Herbert simon and Marvin Miskey in a paper they presented at a conference held in Dartmouth college, USA in 1956. 

Fast-forward to 2021 and AI (artificial intelligence) and its subtopic of Machine Learning are part of our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence is used by an expanding number of research centers and organizations worldwide, in a gigantic range of products and applications from cybersecurity to automobiles, chatbots to healthcare. 

Machine Learning uses statistical and numerical approaches to encode learning into mathematical models, which are then used to make predictions on situations, scenarios and new data. 

The most contemporary branch of machine learning is deep learning, which is based on very complex and deep artificial neural networks, usually referred to as deep neural networks, actually try to mimic the human brain’s learning intelligence. 

In deep learning, the first few layers of the network execute feature extraction in a series of stages, just as the brain seems to do. 

The level of abstraction and complexity of such features expand through the network, with the actual decisions taking place in the last few layers of the network structure. 

Deep learning is a highly impressive development that has stimulated an artificial intelligence revolution in many forms of our lives, and is the key technology behind the recent remarkable developments in fields such as image recognition, biomedical signal analysis, driverless cars, natural language processing and speech processing. 

Why study Deep learning and Machine learning?

It is a developing field providing astonishing career opportunities for those who have studied the subject at university and gained the crucial skills. 

Not only the big tech organizations, but also small and medium companies are enfolding this artificial intelligence revolution, and are assimilating machine learning in the solutions and products, from the financial sector, to defence and security, to manufacturing and medical. 

Based on this, the job market has seen an appreciable rise in the demand for analysts and data scientists, machine learning developers and experts. 

How to get started in Deep learning and Machine learning

Students who want to target this science should look for related courses that offer the knowledge and crucial skills to be able to form these systems and admirably feature Deep learning is an important aspect of the course. 

Such courses should concentrate on the algorithms and software technologies needed for deep neural networks and machine learning systems. 

While some may see such systems as ambiguous black boxes that sometimes make curious decisions, researchers are going hard toward establishing “explainable AI”, where the decisions made by ML algorithms are imitated back to the data, to fully learn their rationale. 

But to attain this, complete understanding of the techniques and algorithms reinforcement in such complex deep learning and machine learning architectures is preeminent. 

Therefore, the priority should be on implementation, algorithms and architectures with applications in a distinct range of areas: big data technologies and basic data analytics, decision-making and machine learning algorithms, use of programming languages such as python, digital signal processing principles. 

Career opportunities in Deep learning and machine learning

As the demand for machine learning and artificial intelligence has risen, companies require experts with complete knowledge of these growing experiences and technologies. 

For those who gain skills in deep learning and machine learning, there are a broad range of jobs in MNCs across India and the world in various fields, including as electronic engineering systems analysts, software engineers, data insight analyst and data engineer or scientist.

Graduates with degrees that provide exclusive skills useful in a wide range of applications will be very likely to achieve in securing the most desired after jobs. 

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