9 Ways Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Are Improving Marketing In 2021

  •  According to McKinsey Global Institute, by solving marketing and sales problems Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are on track to generate between $1.4 Trillion to $2.6 Trillion in value.
  • According to Drift’s 2020 Marketing Leadership Benchmark Report, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, marketing, and advertising technologies, digital assistance, and mobile applications are the five technologies that will create the greatest impact on the future of marketing technology.
  • The marketing team has high-performance planning to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning over the next years. 
  • By developing new Artificial Intelligence and machine learning skills marketers will get improved social media marketing and marketing analytics with greater precision.
  • Some of the marketers and professional agencies started using AI to create posts on social media, digital banners, and ads.
  • To improve customer segmentation, the marketing team has high- performance planning to invest on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 
  • And they also adopt advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to their competitive advantages.
  •  To improve demand forecast accuracy and demand sensing, marketers are using supervised machine learning algorithms to combine all available data sources of customers.
  •  Disney is also using Artificial Intelligence techniques and machine learning algorithms to gain new insights into its media mix model.
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning’s greatest contribution is to accelerate revenue growth and performance. 
  • By creating a real-time personalization experience with the help of machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, Starbucks is going to set the ambitious goal of being the world’s personalized brand.
  • An increase in sales revenue, improvement in selling, uplifts order value, can be achieved when personalization-at-scale is done right. 

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