5 HR tech startups entrusting talent recruitment with the help of technology

Technology has agitated most industries, including human resources. Recruiting today is much more contrasting than what it was years ago. Business acts are also briskly emerging with flexible work culture.

In such scenarios, HR-tech startups are helping developing startups to grow in the right direction by offering recruitment solutions and talent acquisition management. 

From recruiting the best people, administering them in the most dynamic way possible, to contributing workers with opportunities to cultivate their best work, technology has refashioned the human resource industry. 

This very human, personal industry emerges completely at mitigate with digital transformation, as a new generation of HR tech startups brings competing edges for workers in the battle to retain and attract top talent. 

Below is the list of five Human Resources firms that are on an aim to deal with the talent mismatch. 

1. iXceed Solutions

iXceed solution is an outstanding talent and workforce solutions service provider to Fortune 500 industries globally concentrating on technology, Engineering consulting, IT consulting domains. 

It uses a robust and efficient process to expand solutions in the hiring space. The dexterities are primarily tech-skill-based , and customer satisfaction is always based on the fit for the company. 

2. Instahyre

A Delhi-based Hr-tech startup is a leading recruiting platform based on AI (artificial intelligence), sanctioning recruiters to recruit top talent smoothly. 

3. Param.AI

Based in Hyderabad, it uses AI (artificial intelligence) to brutalize candidate screening, curtail time to fill jobs.

It provides a candidate tracking system for hassle-free recruiting. Param.ai is a next-generation candidate tracking system/Talent intelligence system for hiring.


Avsar has developed as a young, yet-fast growing , next-generation Human Resource services provider pampering to a plethora of verticals in the enrollment ecosystem.

With Talent acquisition as their ability, they provide end-to-end solutions for all the recruitment needs. 

5. EdGE Networks

EdGE Network is a talent decision platform powered by AI (artificial intelligence). 

They plan to clarify decisions in talent management to help industries build the workforce of the future. 

They deliver a correlated platform that covers Talent Transformation, Talent acquisition and workforce optimization with a layer of actionable insights and analytics. 

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