Supply Chain Analytics Course

Supply chain analytics deals with the process of management use to extract value and gain insights from the large amount of data correlated with processing, procurement and distribution of goods. Supply chain analytics is a fundamental element of SCM (Supply Chain Management), an essential goal of electing supply chain analytics is to advance forecasting and productivity and be more sensible to customer needs. The features of supply chain analytics are social media integration, location intelligence, natural language processing, data visualization, graph databases, stream processing and digital twin of the supply chain. 

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Benefits of Supply Chain Analytics

Benefits of Learning Supply Chain AnalyticsCourse with AcePro

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How Learning Supply Chain Analytics can benefit your organization

Descriptive supply chain analytics

It uses reports and dashboards to help illustrate what has happened. It generally involves using a collection of statistical methods to search through, epitomize and classify information about supply chain operations

Diagnostic supply chain analytics

This analytics is used to check out why something happened or is not working as well as it should.

Predictive supply chain analytics

This analytics helps to perceive what is likely to hit in the future based on current data.

Prescriptive supply chain analytics

This analytics helps to automate or prescribe the best course of action using embedded or optimization decision logic.


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