Financial Analytics Course

Financial Analytics is an approach that provides contrasting views on the financial data of the business. It helps give detailed knowledge and important actions against them to advance the overall performance of your business. Financial Analytics is a subdivision of Business Intelligence (BI) & Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and has a bang on every condition in your business. It plays an important role in calculating your business’s profit. It helps you report every question related to your business while authorizing your foresee the future of your business. 

What you'll learn

Benefits of Financial Analytics

Benefits of Learning Financial Analytics Course with AcePro

Placement Assistance

We give support to our students to get a successful placement. Our trainers will be there to provide you ideas based on your job requirements.

Hands on Training

Things can be learnt easily and effectively by doing it in a practical way. so ace pro is providing hands on training just to make students understand the topics clearly and thoroughly.

Affordable Fees

Dedicated trainers, quality training, at affordable fees.

Interview Preparation

Get benefited as per the expectation of Industry standards, job roles, for the courses you are learning.

Flexible Class Timings

Student's convenience matters the most !! Ace pro is providing flexible weekday and weekend batches, as per your convenience.

Customized Curriculum

We consider every student's and professional's background with academics as unique and hence our course is customized for learning and development.

How Learning Financial Analytics can benefit your organisation

Predictive sales analytics

This analytics comprises coming up with a knowledgeable sales forecast. It also helps to manage and plan troughs and peaks of business.

Client profitability analytics

This analytics analyzes every client group and gains useful insights.

Product profitability analytics

This analytics helps to find the profitability of every product rather than evaluating the business as whole.

Cash flow analytics

This analytics involves the use of real-time indicators like the Cash Conversion Cycle and Working Cash Ratio.

Value-driven analytics : This analytics determines the leverage to establish that they can distribute the expected outcome.

This analytics determines the leverage to establish that they can distribute the expected outcome.

Shareholder value analytics

This analytics calculates the value of the company by noticing at the returns it is giving to shareholders.


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